Curriculum Planning

The Statutory Framework for the Revised Early Years Foundation Stage (DfE, 2017) is important guidance on how we should carry out our everyday practice with children as well as other settings and outside expertise. Please see the following link for your information:-

In line with this, please click on the links below to view more indepth information on our curriculum planning:

Long Term Planning (includes our Themes/Activities and Term Dates) - Autumn 2020

Long Term Planning (includes our Themes/Activities and Term Dates) - Spring/Summer 2021

St Mary's Medium Term Planning (includes our current weekly provision linking up to respective themes)


Kinergy Medium Term Planning (includes our current weekly provision linking up to respective themes).


Short Term Planning (forms the basis of what provision we provide in order to teach our children and extend their learning)


Morning Timetable (helps to familiarise children with a routine and thus builds on their confidence and self-esteem)

NB: We aim to follow the same timetable each week in order to offer the same opportunities for all the children, unless staff members feel that adaptions should be made to improve the provision or extend learning experiences.  Staff will monitor these changes through recorded observations and make adjustments to resources as necessary.  With this in mind, please follow this link to see our revised timetables which accommodate our afternoon sessions as well as 'Wet Play' and 'Free Flow'

Please follow this link which provides an explanation of a Child's Learning Journal.  


By clicking on the link below, you will be able to see an example Learning journal:

My Learning Journal


The EY Outcome Sheets are used to track your child's development:

EY Outcome Sheets 16-26 mths

EY Outcome Sheets 22-36 mths

EY Outcome Sheets 30-50 mths

EY Outcome Sheets 40-60 mths

Please follow this link to see our Transition Record which is completed and passed onto your Primary School when it is time to leave us

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