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The Six Special Friends...

Witty Owl, Robbie Rabbit, Frankie Fox, Sid Squirrel, Billy Badger and Spike Hedgehog. It was a lovely hot sunny afternoon. All the friends were gathered together dozing in warm sunshine. Robbie Rabbit broke the silence by saying “Wouldn’t it be nice to have some little boys and girls as friends?”


Sid Squirrel replied “Yes it would and we could teach the boys and girls things about us. Then they could understand and not be afraid whenthey may see us in the woods and fields. I wouldbe so happy for them to help me collect nuts andstore them for winter.”


Spike the Hedgehog followed by saying “I could explain how to feed me on cold nights and that bread and milk is very, very bad for me. However, a little cat food or something like that would help me put on weight so that I can sleep through thevery cold winter days and only have to be awake on warm days.”


Robbie Rabbit said “Oh, I could tell them about my tail; it’s really called a scut and looks very pretty when I am running over the fields.”


Billy Badger proudly said, “I could explain that Idon’t just live in a hole, it’s called a set.”


“That’s not much,” scoffed Frankie Fox, “I can tell them my beautiful tail is really called a brush.” Frankie Fox proudly turned around and flourished his tail for everyone to admire.


Witty the Owl sleepily opened one eye and said “I can show them how far around I can turn myhead and explain how I can see in the dark.”


After a few minutes of deep thought, all the friends smiled and looked at each other and together announced “It would be lovely to have little girls and boys as friends!” With this, they yawned and continued to make themselves comfortable in the warm sunshine. Once again, they closed their eyes and were soon snoozing happily, except for Witty Owl. He sat on his branch with one eye closed and the other eye open like all owls sleep. Then suddenly the owl said “Ooooh” as all owls do and announced “I have an idea, why don’t we create our very own place where there will be some lovely children that we could be friends with? Let us call it The Kinsbourne Common Nursery and Pre-School”!


All the other animals suddenly woke up and excitedly agreed with Witty Owl. The sounds of laughter and chitter chatter continued for a while until, one by one, they began to close their eyes and fell fast asleep again. So remember, when you are next in the woods or playing on the Common, you may hear or see one of your new friends, Robbie Rabbit, Spike Hedgehog, Billy Badger, Frankie Fox, Sid Squirrel and, last but not least, Witty the very
wise Owl!

Please click on the cursor key below the animal images to start the animation and voice of our Narrator!

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