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Policies & Procedures

All our policies are designed to offer the best possible experience for the children and families in the group. Our policies are reviewed annually and comments and suggestions from parents are always welcome. A copy of our policies are included in this website for your information and a hardcopy is displayed in our setting in both nursery halls at all times.   Please click on the policy you wish to view (below).  

Please click on the links below to view our Policies & Procedures.


07.01 Childrens records and data protection 

07.01a Privacy Notice

07.02 Confidentiality, recording and sharing information

07.03 Client access to records

07.04 Transfer of records 

08 Staff, volunteers and students policy

08.01 Staff deployment

08.03 Student placement

09 Early years practice policy

09.01a About our childcare and early education

09.01b Childcare and early education application form

09.01c Schedule of Fees -revised April 2023

09.02 Absence

09.03 Prime times The role of the key person 

09.04 Prime times Settling in and transitions 

09.05 Establishing childrens starting points

09.06 Prime times Arrivals and departures

09.07 Prime times Younger children's lunchtimes 

09.08 Prime times Snacktimes (younger and older children) and lunchtimes (older children)

09.09 Prime times Intimate care and nappy changing

09.10 Prime times Sleep and rest time

09.11 Managing separation anxiety in children under 2 years old

09.12 Promoting positive behaviour

09.13 Identification, assessment and support for children with SEND

09.13a SEN Support Initial record of concern form

09.13b SEN Support Action plan

09.14 Prime times Transition to school 

09.15 Progress check at age two

09.15a Progress check at age two form  

10 Working in partnership with parents and other agencies policy

10.01 Working in partnership with parents and other agencies

10.02 Complaints procedure for parents and service users 

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